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Ark: Survival Evolved, Exploding Laptops, and You!

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  • Ark: Survival Evolved, Exploding Laptops, and You!

    So...anyone else encountering their systems violently exploding after playing Ark: Survival Evolved? I had heat registering up around 99C before everything shut down on me. Went ahead and applied new thermal compound, blew out everything, and experienced temp lows of 82C with the occasional spike up to 92C. Kept my room frosty as a witch's teat to help keep everything down.

    Played for a few days then ka-blaam.

    Was running an:
    Eon 17x Laptop
    i7-4760 4ghz
    GeForce GTx 980m
    24g RAM

    Now I'm waiting on an international shipping label to be emailed to me (five or six days and counting) as I'm currently enjoying the expat lifestyle in Beijing.

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    Oh - side note, the notebook's idle was around 39C - 42C. Only one other game would make the thing freeze and require a cold reboot - Total War: Warhammer. All the other games I've played were fine.


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      Keep us updated!



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        Update: The laptop was shipped back to the US in early August. Late-September it was shipped back to Beijing without needed documentation that UPS called a "personal belonging" form for international shipping (this makes it duty free). After sitting at the Beijing UPS facility since mid-September, the final verdict from Origin is that they are not responsible for the needed form as UPS in Beijing has never asked for it before. I've spent the last month or so talking and arguing with UPS, UPS China, and Origin PC.

        Origin mailed my $3533.16 Eon 17-X laptop to Beijing, China where it shall remain as the Chinese want $524 to pay the "import and duty fees for a NEW laptop." The cost to ship it back to the US to have a friend simply walk it through the airport? $827. The package was listed as "abandoned by the sender and receiver" when the UPS China lady initially told me I had to pay 3500 yuan for the fees and I told her I'd contact Origin to see what the deal was.