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Who here has a 4K laptop?

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  • Who here has a 4K laptop?

    Looking at getting a laptop soon and see a lot of options for a 4K screen. Have heard mixed things and would like some clarification.

    I have heard the frame rate for games tanks on a 4K screen making some games unplayable even with the latest and greatest graphics cards. My biggest question is can't you just adjust your display resolution down to 1080P and play games maxed out still or is there some reason why not?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    If you play on 4K and just lower the graphics from ultra to medium or high and you've got a GTX 1080 you should be able to hit 60 fps on most games. It's just on certain games you'll tank to 40 FPS or even lower and games in the future will require you to go to 1080P if you want 60 FPS with decent graphics


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      You are the man. Thank ls for all your help. Think I finally feel confident enough to just go ahead order one now


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        No problem, glad you could come to a decision.

        - PCmasterrace