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Second Gamer Build Advice

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  • Second Gamer Build Advice

    Hello all
    I'm trying to get back into PC gaming. I have two in diapers but next year...maybe...
    I used to play Doom 3 on a pre-buyout M17x. It was a blast but pretty troubled as far as crashes. And noise, and heat. Perhaps all software issues. Half-life2 really made me a believer.

    I'm drawn to Origin but some of the reviews (here) frankly scare me. Those may be outliers, but some mistakes are "never events" as we say in healthcare, wholly preventable and without excuse.
    As a thoughtful and demanding customer, I can tell you why you should never buy a Porsche, but they are still selling fast, so it's all taken with a grain of salt and a low warranty/return rate. Hopefully.

    I think Puget Systems do fabulous work but something is holding me back.

    Anyway my needs are simple, if not cheap:
    future proof for a few years
    4k gaming a 60 + fps

    Can I get an atom smasher set up that is quiet?
    Size doesn't matter, but aesthetics do. Low bling is preferable.

    I'm fond of the Origin branded keyboard and mouse, Razer, to match, no overclock, single high end graphics card, probably will wait for next gen vs current market.
    Uncertain about monitors, am using an LG 31MU97 now

    Another big change will be leaving Mac for windows 10. The 7 pro I use at work isn't inspiring, but it is intuitive and fast.


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    I'm assuming you want a desktop

    Most of this depends on your budget

    Future proof for a few years?
    Samsung 950 pro for boot and applications and get additional storage either through hard drives or additional solid state drives.

    the gtx 1060,1070, 1080, and titan x can handle VR easy peasy. The new laptops that origin are selling have the gtx 1060, 1070, and 1080 so you could go with one of those as well. Titan x is desktop exclusive.

    4K gaming at 60+ fps
    This will force your build to be much more expensive, but if you really want this kind of performance on stuff like witcher 3 and other AAA titles you will need at least one titan x (probably even two, although this is very expensive), and pair it with an i7 6700k or better.

    If you are looking for a cheaper build then going with FHD (1920x1080) with a GTX 1060 or 1070 would be a better idea. The GTX 1060 would work fine on FHD, and the GTX 1070 would be future proof for FHD. I'd probably also say an i5 6600k, or an i7 6700k if you want to be future proofed. These will also work perfectly fine with the oculus.

    if you want a quiet system then you will want a desktop with liquid cooling.

    the 4K gaming at 60+ fps is almost out of the question unless you have two titan x's with a high end processor and overclocking. (That is, if you want to play games on ultra settings)
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      Yes, sorry, I led with my m17x experience but I want a desktop. Thus the mention of quiet, and monitor. I did not realize that about the 4k gaming. Lower res with ultra setting is more realistic can popular I guess.

      I'm not asking anyone to rip ADA or Puget, but experiences welcome. As I'm posting, I'm leaning Origin. Bleary eyed from reading reviews, some of which are too technical for me.
      I'd really rather not overclock.

      My budget is limited by my wife finding out
      $4k plus monitor mouse /keyboard /maybe. Diminishing returns above that?


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        Well if you don't mind going with FHD (1920x1080) and you want to be future proof for ultra graphics on AAA games then you won't need to spend more than $3,000. (In fact I would recommend checking out the EON15-X 10-Series laptop, it can play all games on ultra with FHD with G-sync and 120hz, it is a mobile monster.)

        But anyways for desktops, you don't need to spend more than $3k if you are looking for FHD, so your $4k budget makes future proofing easy peasy.

        You should probably just go with the Chronos, especially since you aren't overclocking (It is small so generally cooling will not be as good compared to the millennium or the genesis, but with FHD the parts you will be getting are not going to be getting crazy hot). To be easily future proof on ultra for FHD, you will want a GTX 1070 (GTX 1080 is overkill, and Titan X literally has no point for FHD).

        Future proof processor, an i7 6700k is an easy choice

        I would highly suggest getting one samsung 950 pro (512gb preferably as well) as they will allow applications to load really fast (and your computer will boot fast as well)
        Perhaps add more storage for games and stuff, either with more ssds for fast storage or a normal hard drive if you want more storage for your money.

        As for picking a company, out of all the companies that build the system for the customer and ship the system directly to the customer, origin is my pick.
        I spent a decent amount of time looking at many different companies that offer a similar service, and I decided to go with origin. If you aren't sure, I would suggest looking at other companies, but if you want to go ahead and buy, then origin is a very good company to buy from.

        Most of the reviews you see from companies will be negative because most people will only give a review if something bad happens.


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          I'm sure there are 100 satisfied customers for every negative review. At rouble free system with readily available support is what they all advertise.That may be too expensive to actually accomplish yet remain competitive.
          There are a lot of similar companies out here, a bewildering choice. Do I really care who crafts their own towers, or who charges $50 more, or who doesn't have the latest i6700? I don't know. The "expert" reviews tend to have a $7k flagship system with juvenile bling and hard crashes and some compatibility trouble or other. Sobering to a novice like me, as I want this to be my home/business rig too. At this point I am sticking with Origin. Thank you Mr O


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            Hello Iconoblast;
            I'm very happy with my Origin PC, which is now three years old, without any problem, so I agree that "there are 100 satisfied customers for every negative review". Part of the reason that I've been so happy with my system is that I didn't try to build a "Porsche" as you called it, instead I just wanted a "hard working pick up truck", and it works perfectly!