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Cyrogenic Liquid Loop Maintenance?

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  • RedPhyve
    Hi Daniel

    Can you have a look at mine, its order number 5726.

    Thanks bud, how you doing otherwise?


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  • OriginDaniel
    I would need to see your build, would you be able to pm your order number so i can look up your system to get a better idea of what would need to be done?

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  • Inomyacbs
    started a topic Cyrogenic Liquid Loop Maintenance?

    Cyrogenic Liquid Loop Maintenance?

    My Origin Genesis in 3 years old now and the only real maintenance I've done to the custom loop is adding some liquid once in a while. What other maintenance should I be doing? How often if at all should a drain and replace all the liquid or clean the blocks?

    There is also a good amount of dust built up on the radiators is there any easy way to get access to them to clean them with compressed air?