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How fast can things go pear-shaped? VERY - read on.

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  • How fast can things go pear-shaped? VERY - read on.


    Had a HUGE scare and medical emergency, but I'm recovering and would like to share the story!

    Basically my kidneys decided to go on pause mode and stop working. I ended up in the ER and almost died before a blood test showed VERY reduced kidney function. I was rushed to another hospital where I was immediately put onto a dialysis machine, and many many tests and procedures were started to try and figure out what the hell had happened.

    And here's the weird bit....they found nothing. Nothing would explain my condition. So I was scoped and scanned and had an MRI and a kidney biopsy. Result? Nothing, all normal, and my kidneys were starting to function So after a few days discussing this they decided to let me go as all seemed normal.

    So now I'm off dialysis, and hopefully on the way to a 90% recovery. General consensus of all who know me is that only I could have something that medical science couldn't explain!

    So....all's well that ends well, happy and thankful to still be part fo the community!

    Go Well, Go Origin!



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    good to see you back up and at it Red.
    Daniel Ovalle
    Technical Support Manager
    [email protected]


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      Good luck Redphyve
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      Toronto, Canada
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        Holly Mackerel ! That's Nuts, I can't believe I sent you two P.M.s about a half an hour ago obviously before I saw this. (and you can delete)

        I hope you recover well.
        When I had (and well recovered from almost a decade ago bladder cancer) I remember the cystoscopy's and how they themselves were only half as painful for a few days when they were being done to just look around and see if there was anything to be concerned about every 11 or so weeks apart as compared to when they did a biopsy on my kidneys via the cystoscopy which was ruthless to urinate for a few weeks. I hope this does not turn out to be the case for you.

        Congratulation's on being back to the comforts of your own home and to your family. I hope you get to a 100% quickly.

        Take Care RedPhyve


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          Blame the boardMrSemperFi - it's acting strangely for me too.
          Toronto, Canada
          Still using the last genuine
          Alienware ALX x58 R2 !


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            Congrats on your recovery man, I hope all goes well!