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Cancelled my digital storm (long story) how

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  • Cancelled my digital storm (long story) how

    I cancelled my Digital Storm round two with them. Lots of issues.

    So just wanted to see how my build for Origin is looking?

    Genesis -

    how does the standard colors look versus the painted ones?

    ide Panels : Tempered Glass-Aluminum
    3 Exterior Color : Glacier White
    4 Interior Color : ORIGIN PC Black
    5 Interior Lighting : ORIGIN PC Black
    6 Current Special Offer : Memorial Day Deals Start Now!
    7 Variable Mounting : Standard Orientation
    8 Lower Unit : Lower Unit Option
    9 Processors : Intel Core i9 9900K 8-Core 3.6GHz (5.0GHz TurboBoost)
    10 CPU:CPUOverclocking
    11 CPU:ThermalCompound
    13 Memory:32GBCORSAIRVENGEANCE3000MHz(2X16GB)*FreeAut omaticUpgradeto64GB
    14 SystemCooling:StageIIIHardLineLiquidCooling
    15 LiquidColor:LiquidColor-Red
    16 CaseFans:CorsairRGBPremiumFans
    17 GraphicsCards:CRYOGENICCooledNVIDIA11GBRTX2080Ti
    18 GPU:2
    19 GPU:GPUOverclocking
    20 OperatingSystem:MSWindows10Home
    21 HardDriveCage:5BayHard-DriveCage
    22 OperatingSystemDrive:2TBSamsung970EVOPCIeNVMeM.2
    23 RAID:NoRAID
    24 HardDrive:2TBSamsung970EVOPCIeNVMeM.2
    25 HardDrive:1
    26 HardDrive:3TBORIGINPCApprovedHardDrive
    27 HardDrive:1
    28 PowerSupply:1000WattEVGASuperNOVAG3
    Custom gaming desktops and laptops computers built with the best high performance components, overclocked processors, and liquid cooling for your gaming pc.
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    Colours are always a personal choice and depend a lot on where you are going to station the machine..
    I always pick black/black as the colours are, for me at least, too bright. but I might stretch to red cables.
    You picked standard mounting but no option for the lower unit. Someone from Origin will probably call you about that if this is the Genesis option.
    Your setup sounds good, let's hope it lives up to your expectations.
    Toronto, Canada
    Still using the last genuine
    Alienware ALX x58 R2 !