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Millennium Question

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  • Ex_Brit
    A lot depends on which CPU and motherboard you selected. I just tried a Customization using the minimum selections offered by Origin PC & was able to select 1 system drive and 4 SSD drives. More than that and you'll need go up to the Genesis model. But as Iggy said, I would contact Support.
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  • ORIGINIggy
    You can click until it shows a checkmark on the drive you want and use a the dropdown menu to specify the quantity you want. If it is not working correctly I would say call into sales and they will show you exactly how to configure it.

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  • JohnDL
    started a topic Millennium Question

    Millennium Question

    Hi..I am trying to configure a system and notice it says I can have up to 8 storage drives however the website only allows me to pick 1 storage and 1 operating system drive. How do I go about selecting 1 or 2 more SSD's to add to my configuration?