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Support email ticket system doesn’t work

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  • Support email ticket system doesn’t work

    I posted this in an older thread, and someone deleted my post with no feedback or pm sent to me, so I’m posting it again because I think it should be heard by management.

    “As a new customer with a pending $4200 tower (order #275657], I find the email support responses coming back with a confusing array of tickets that do not reliably get answered to be a source of frustration.

    Why in God’s name don’t you just give a direct email address to the assigned sales rep (Christian), and allow customers to communicate simply and directly with them, and get rid of the stupid ticket system with all queries going to the same [email protected] address? It does not work for the customer. I have had to call to get my questions answered.“

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    Nothing was deleted. I don't know how you are reading your messages but please look in the forums and make sure you have set your notifications correctly.
    Your original post was moved to a better spot and I explained why in a reply -
    Locking this one as a duplicate.
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