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Problem With Missing Hard Drive Order

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  • Problem With Missing Hard Drive Order

    I recently ordered an origin chronos with a SSD and a HDD. But it only came with the SSD. I know HDD is cheap and slow, but it is where I put all my non gaming stuff. What really annoys me is that origin pc claims to have the one the best build quality, and even a quality assurance process, and yet they are still be able to miss a whole component. This is pretty ridiculous and implies quite a lot of things.

    But at least the performance side of it is still there, but who knows what will happen in a couple month based on this careless built process.
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    If you contact the support department we can help you out, however most likely the drive is there just not formatted/initialized in windows.


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      No I check on top of the psu and below the gpu, its not there.
      Why would i be so dumb and claim that if i dont even check disk managment first

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        Again I will be happy to assist you, please PM me your order number or send an email to [email protected] with your order number or from the same email address you used to order the PC.