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Would I recommend Origin?? In a word NO!

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    I'm glad to see that you got the system you wanted. For me though, the longer I waited the more I had to ask my self do I really need it. Today I finally had to resolve that I did not. I think alot of the posts in here helped me to see that the money can go to better uses. I'm glad you got your systems but for me I made the cancellation request today and I don't think I'll turn back.


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      So, I'm trying to be patient with Origin PC, as I too thought I was signing up with a first-class PC building company. I placed an order on 6/13/2016 (Order # 90040), and was told my order would ship on 6/28/13. Origin promptly debited my account but to date, I'm till waiting for my system to ship. Now to be fair, my system rep (I will not name him out of respect) contacted me 6/22/16 to say my system would be delayed about a week (sounds familiar right?) because they were "backlogged", so Ok, I get that. But now it's a week later, and no word from anyone at Origin about my system build. I call back again today...they say they're checking with the engineers, and will call me back. Nothing....crickets.... This makes me sad. I was so hoping this so called "superior" company, who prides itself on delivering first-class customer service, just "nonchalantly" blows off delivery deadlines to customers paying thousands of dollars for a computer system. Look, i know this company works hard to meet their demands, but they've got to do a better job when customers are paying top dollar for these systems. I've told several of my buddies in the sim community about Origin PCs, their superb attention to detail when building them, and even convinced two of my friends to go with new builds with them this summer. But now.... I'm reconsidering and thinking of heading them off. I hope I'm wrong here.


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        So, after posting this, within the next day, my rep got back with me and said my system is in final testing and should ship within 24 hours! And he even said because of the delay, they were going to upgrade my shipping to next day air. Now that' s what I'm talking about Origin! My faith has been restored in this company. I truly felt deep down that this company was built on taking care of their customers, and I wasn't wrong. Thanks again Origin!


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          Glad you are OK now.
          Toronto, Canada
          Still using the last genuine
          Alienware ALX x58 R2 !


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            haha hit the same wall..... I just want my money back.


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              Hey, thanks guys for sharing your experiences. Mine so far have been initially really positive, then currently mixed — but I wanted to share them as practical points to improve upon, for the benefit of Origin and other customers alike. I had pretty good pre-sales support (thanks David and Arturo) and answers to my questions (except for lack of metrics about the noise level of the CHRONOS, which is important to know for a controlled pro environment). My system took 38 days to finally ship (ordered on 6/28, shipped today).

              - There appears to be a general consensus (from posts on here and elsewhere) that the ship estimator tends to be on the later side. I had an understandable delay when I opted to switch processors and some of the additional time worked in favor of making this doable, but the gap between my initial 7/12 and 8/5 needs better preemptive communication without me having to reach out repeatedly.

              - Jacob, my sales rep, was generally very friendly and helpful, and responsive to my questions. (Aside from one week where emails went unanswered, so I had to call, and most recently.) However, despite an initial reassurance that photos of my system could be sent during the build process, despite asking about this numerous times, no photos were ever sent. It sounded like a nice thing to show me the work that went into my system. I didn't count on it from the get-go, but it set certain expectations that were not met. This was disappointing.

              - I concur there appears to be a latent and noticeable internal delay between sales and the tech lab communicating. This could explain the mixups I've seen in other threads.

              - It was odd that a Windows key I provided for preinstall of the OS didn't work, despite it working on other systems I've used. I'm going to set it up myself and see what's going on. That's not a big deal either, but just FYI for anyone else who wants to configure a pro system and ask.

              - My biggest disappointment so far: after these delays, I emailed and called earlier if I could be updated to 1-day shipping as Wardaddy and other customers have mentioned. That seemed to be a very good example of "Origin making it right" after delays. Jacob sent me an email at the end of the Origin workday (6 PM EST) saying that the system had shipped — which I'm glad to see — but no acknowledgement of my earlier request. It's being sent via UPS Ground. (that's a sad face) I emailed and called back mere minutes afterwards, but no one was around. If someone had been there to take my call and make this change, this could've potentially could've been changed and improved how I felt. Can saving a few days after these delays positively affect my customer experience? Yes!

              I emphasize: if Jacob or anyone from Origin sees this in time and can reach out to make it right for me like you did with other customers, I'd very much appreciate it.

              Whether someone is buying a PC for gaming or professional use, and especially if they are paying a considerable amount compared to the average price of a PC — that's what they expect from Origin as a "premium boutique brand" and certainly what I'm interested in — communication about precise schedules and logistics is important. I recommend that Origin staff be more proactive about status updates, because I feel I had to continually ask what was going on.

              I am excited about putting my Origin PC to work, but not happy about how this last part was handled. It was, unfortunately, a step down from the experiences I previously had with Digital Storm and others. I've also sent an email to the generalized support address (thanks for the recommendation, Red).

              The actual long-term test will be assessing the quality of the system itself under duress, and seeing how far it was Origin-overclocked and such (services I paid for). I'll update accordingly and will continue to appreciate other experiences being shared here.
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                I wanted to provide an update, maybe it'll be useful to someone else:

                - My CHRONOS arrived on August 15, 48 days total from order to delivery. It was too late to change to faster shipping, but Jacob informed me that he'd talked to management to waive the entire Ground shipping cost. I appreciate this.

                - Setup was straightforward and robust. I experienced no weird anomalies after the computer booted for the first time (for me). Nice to see the minimalist Origin boot screen via UEFI. I was prepared, with hard drives that had already been cloned (I recommend Macrium Reflect if you're looking for a backup and "restore to dissimilar hardware" solution), and after figuring out a few things due to my user error, I successfully booted into Windows 10. I was able to reactivate on new hardware using the key I had given to Origin staff before. Not sure why their earlier install did not work with that key, I was never given a specific reason.

                - The actual computer performance has been solid so far. I'm overall happy with that BUT there was a lack of attention to detail on some fronts that surprised me (not in a good way). I specified on my order form that I wanted the cabling setup for 5 drives. Only 2 were actually prewired, and they didn't include any extra cables in the box (and the ones that normally come with a motherboard and such, more on that in a bit).

                - There was only a small Origin-branded box containing the motherboard manual, USB restore stick, promo items, etc. No cables.

                - I specified for the GPU to be overclocked, but it wasn't. I was unhappily surprised that was missed. The CPU was. However, Michael in Support helpfully provided me with specifications to do so. NOTE that they do not record the serial number of your graphics card when building it, so if you are looking to register it with EVGA or whomever, you'll have to open the case and look.

                - It's easy to open the CHRONOS case. There are two thumb screws and one Philips screw.

                - The CHRONOS insides are extremely space-efficient but also cramped. A lot of the space is taken up by a "rat's nest" of cables, I can see the builders did their best to organize it but cables are, by nature, unruly. I can say that physical space is maximized: some aspects of the design are brilliant, others are lacking. Not shown in marketing material (like the promo video) is that there's a thick metal bracket big enough to support the 4 x 2.5 SSDs (or HDDs if that's your thing), topped with a thin metal bracket to support the graphics card. However, it's very tight in there, even moreso with additional cables. In my experience thus far, I wasn't able to place the shroud back, and had to position my SSDs in the upper-right (from the perspective of facing the open case with the graphics card on the lower left). I wish this had been advertised clearer beforehand, it isn't as elegant as it looks in the promo video. I did ask for schematics earlier, given that this is a custom case, but they didn't have them, and said they would answer questions on a as-they-come-up basis. So keep that in mind, if it concerns your needs for more drives.

                - Michael in Support has been extremely responsive to my emails, he replies so quickly! I don't wish to place unfair expectations on him, but sometimes it seems like it responds to me before I click send. He's currently trying to get the missing cables to me after reaching out to the parts dept. Here's where another problem arose: the shipping label was printed on Aug. 18. It's now Aug. 25 and the parts dept. told Michael that it shipped, but the tracking # shows no signs of progress beyond "Order Processed: Ready for UPS". Supposedly, it will be delivered tomorrow on Aug. 26. We'll see. This is another frustrating delay, since (1) the cables should've been prewired as instructed and (2) other cables should've been included in the shipment box.

                So stay tuned for another update?

                I don't know how many other fellow CHRONOS 2016 owners there are in the "Origin Family", but it'd be nice to hear from others.

                I get the feeling based on my and other experiences that there are disconnections in communication between the various departments. It feels out-of-sync and uncomfortable, given the reputation of a premium PC builder. So as it stands right now I have more positive feelings and am enjoying being productive on my new CHRONOS, but they are mixed given these other issues. I'd like the consistency of the experience to improve for other customers, so that Origin and PC buyers alike will be better for it.


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                  Also — I recommend this video to prospective CHRONOS buyers. They go more into depth about the noise levels and clearly show the insides of the case, albeit a different config than mine (I opted for Broadwell-E and no optical drive). There are a few other unboxings on YouTube.


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                    I notice that this unboxing (clearest one I could find, thanks to "m Forbes") contained what appears to be the originally-included cables and screws in the Origin-branded box, whereas mine did not.


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                      And the inevitable update is here:

                      After that bizarre delay, the package of cables and screws was finally shipped and arrived on Sept. 7.

                      I wish I could say that was the end of it, but it was missing 3 SATA extender cables.

                      Thankfully this time, in my frustration, I had PMed several Origin staff on this board. OriginBryant replied upon his return, and the morning after, I got a call from Sean (spelling?) as well. It felt very proactive and preempted my concerns in a positive way. Both of them were very attentive, and speaking with Sean on the phone —who made it clear he carefully reviewed my entire ticket history (including another parallel issue with a non-working Trion Worlds promo code being put in the box, thanks Houston for your help with that problem) — felt a lot better and more reassuring than the previous dragged-out experiences.

                      The 3 SATA extender cables were sent out to me via 3-day shipping and I got them yesterday. Which completes my original order instructions.

                      So a big THANK YOU to Bryant and Sean, and whoever else was helpful behind-the-scenes! I know we can't go back in time, but despite the mixups, which I still stress — please continue to improve internal processes and paying attention to order instructions so customers have a lessened chance of going through what I did — I am being productive my Origin PC and I appreciate the both of you being so professional, friendly, and efficient in recent memory.


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                        They kept it within the one week delay which I'm glad of. My biggest issue was the lack of communication unless I emailed or called. I'll post after I receive the systtem.. Audacity Find My iPhone Origin
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                          I must say, considering I've put down over $13k on a system, reading this thread has me more than a little concerned because today was my original ship date and I've also been notified of a delay.

                          My system is finally listed under "Assembly" on the website. Crossing my fingers that things go smoothly from here on out.