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Not so happy with after care

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  • Not so happy with after care

    Not too happy with the support after buying my PC. 24/7 support, only if you can get through. Usually you spend over an hour waiting on hold, with no ability to leave a message or call back number. When you do get through, you sometimes have to wade through people who are NOT tech support to schedule a call back? Really?
    Second, my wlan card is failing, is no longer available, and is not supported by Windows 10. And guess what, there is NO compatible card available for my machine. Who creates an astounding machine to not be able to get onto the internet. Sorry about the rant, but I am really frustrated that I bought from a company that promised things and are not keeping them and from the other posts, I can see other are not so happy either.

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    ravendragonwing would you be able to send me a pm with your information so I can look into your case and see whats going on? I'd like to check and see why you were on hold for that amount of time.
    Daniel Ovalle
    Technical Support Manager


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      ravendragonwing are you OK now?

      Edit: assumed solved.
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      Toronto, Canada


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        no, I am still waiting for help!
        Your tech team had me to a fresh install of windows and it is still messed up. Why can't I hold after 9pm PST? I need someone tonight!!! Not at 1am!!! I will be sleeping!


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          Did you email Daniel?
          Toronto, Canada


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            I can fully understand. I am not going to let this company make me feel helpless. I am constantly ignored by this company whenever I need help. I am tired of reminding them that my ticket has been ignored. So, at least I can help others from making a terribly expensive purchased while be presented with bad customer service.


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              It is best to start your own thread as this one is old. I will endeavour to attract the attention of the current support person who is active here.
              OriginBryant can you help tdragonxvnx ?
              Toronto, Canada


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                tdragonxvnx Thank you for your post.

                I will send you a DM now so you can provide me with your contact information and I will have our support team reach out to you and further assist.