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A couple issues

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  • A couple issues

    So I went with origin for a few reasons. First off, I'd heard well spoken of them, second, it was one of the few larger available laptops that gave the kind of performance I wanted, while still not going quite overboard. But I have a couple complaints.

    The first one I guess I can blame on myself, origin claims that their laptops are all VR ready, but some of the basic specs are too weak to support the Vive, which is kinda what I wanted to go for. I took it on faith instead of researching it, my bad I guess.

    But here's a large issue. The Power cord is super loose! How come the connection for headphones is so secure I can yank this huge laptop around with it, but if I fiddle with the laptops position just a little, the powercord unplugs, and the game I'm in the middle of immediately chugs, and then I die and lose. Seriously, sometimes I hold the computer perfectly still and just the position of the cord, the weight of it, eventually pulls the power cable out. Why is that? It's a huge cord with a huge connection, yet it slips out like it's buttered. Idk. It's a huge flaw in an otherwise fairly ideal computer for me.

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    Kaye Thank you for your message.
    I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience you are experiencing.
    I have forwarded your message as well as your contact information to our support staff so they can have a rep reach out and further assist.


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      So I thought I was done with this post, but guess what? The headphone jack latches on so strong that it literally ripped the plug out of a pair of skullcandy headphones. Are you kidding me?

      and no, I didn't pull them out by the cord.
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