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Power supply pass through issue with chronos

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  • Power supply pass through issue with chronos

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    Last edited by Ex_Brit; 04-09-2019, 01:35 PM.

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    Ok, that's the last time I write a post on mobile.
    What I was going to say was. I am in the market for a laptop and this issue doesn't affect me but does origin have plans to address the power pass through problem demonstrated in the following video (Origin starts at 12:00 mins in.)?

    Having a hot uninsulated power cable that can be bridged is a serious problem that could hurt someone if they don't know to watch for it and origin should address this issue by either soldering the connector or using a fully insulated passthrough connector. (Also cable management, come on guys premium prices are paid for your PCs over retail for the parts. If you have an open header you should use it.)

    I hope this type of issue was a one-off and does not represent how most products are shipped out.