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Beware! Getting replacement parts is a nightmare!

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  • Beware! Getting replacement parts is a nightmare!

    We've been waiting about 3 months for a replacement wireless card for my son's EON15-X. The current card doesn't work properly with 5 GHz networks and we have to reboot in order to get it to connect to any network after it connects and hangs on a 5 GHz network. Several weeks ago, Origin sent us a card but it was the wrong card, resulting in a wasted trip to the repair shop to get it installed. I've even asked support to provide us the details needed for us to order the part directly from the manufacturer, but that information hasn't been forthcoming.

    This fiasco even exceeds the case of our replacement keyboard and track pad assembly. Origin first said they'd ship it the next day after I called and paid for expedited shipping. Several days later it hadn't come so I asked them what was up. They said they had an "inventory issue." They said it was in stock but they didn't know where it was in their stock room. Some days later they shipped me a keyboard. It was the wrong part. They eventually got the right part to me after additional waiting. So after weeks of waiting, I finally did get the correct keyboard but Origin still stuck me with the bill for expedited shipping.

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    There's nothing we can do about that here. Contact them direct at
    Toronto, Canada
    Still using the last genuine
    Alienware ALX x58 R2 !


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      Young-Kyu Yoo would you be able to provide me with your order number or trouble ticket number so I can look into this for you?
      Daniel Ovalle
      Technical Support Manager