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PC Status and Shipping Delay Run-A-Round

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  • PC Status and Shipping Delay Run-A-Round

    I usually don't post on forums, and I usually "trust the process", but I'm extremely frustrated with the way I've been given the round-a-around with regards to my pc order. I ordered my pc on Oct 31st and was given an estimated shipping date of Dec 9th. I touched base with my sales rep at least once a week to see if everything is on schedule and he would assure me everything is still on track for Dec 9th shipping. On Dec 6th, just 2 days before my pc is suppose to ship, I receive an email from my rep saying my pc was delayed 5 business days. Ok??? I thought everything was on track? So I responded back said that's disappointing but ok. Dec 12th, I called to get an updated, I was then told my rep would check with the technicians and get back to me by the end of the day, I received no feedback by the end of that day. So today, Dec 13th, I called and spoke with the same guy, and he put me on hold then came back only to tell me exactly what he told me yesterday "my rep would check with the technicians and get back to me". So now at this point I feel like I'm getting the run-a-round. When I logged on to my origin account and check "order status" it said "processing", it said this a week after I purchased my pc, I asked my rep about this and he said it doesn't update all the time and that he would provide me with updates (which he never did). It continued to say "processing" up until today Dec 13th, now it says "order created", which confuses me even more, and leads me to believe I've been lied to this whole time about the status of my order. I would just like to get an honest answer to exactly what is going on with my pc and when should I expect it to be shipped.
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    You really should be contacting support directly: But I'll try to summon help here: OriginDaniel
    Toronto, Canada
    Still using the last genuine
    Alienware ALX x58 R2 !


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      Moz would you be able to provide me with your order information so I can look into it for you and see whats going on?
      Daniel Ovalle
      Technical Support Manager
      [email protected]