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A lot of good, but I’m frustrated

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  • A lot of good, but I’m frustrated

    Before I rant, ill acknowledge the positive in my experience:
    -Super responsive and helpful letting me edit build specs after I initially placed my order
    -High build quality. Excellent fit and finish, cabling is done well, fan placement etc is all well thought out. Everything works.
    -Could not have been packed better. This thing could have had a nuclear bomb dropped on it in shipment and been fine.
    -Case looks awesome and RGB lighting looks great from the first time I hit the power button.
    -I have every reason to believe that when fully up and running this computer will kick ass technically.

    Now why I’m ranting:
    I ordered a Neuron, a mid tower case. Almost always mid towers are full ATX. The three third party cases listed as options are all full ATX cases. Origin’s proprietary case, which I chose for looks and for the swinging window function, is micro atx, which almost never is used in mid towers. This is not ideal, but wouldn’t be rant worthy except for the fact that you can go through the entire build customization process and never once in specifications does it make clear that you’re ordering a micro atx case. The only way you would know is if you decided to do independent research on the motherboard options and noticed it was a micro atx motherboard. I did not notice, I just chose the specs I wanted and trusted that reasonable build decisions would be made. I do not feel that micro atx and it’s limitations in a mid tower form factor without making it very clear during the process is reasonable. Worse still, the ASRock motherboard they use does not have its own wifi/Bluetooth card unlike probably 90% of modern motherboards out of the box. So I get my computer and am surprised to find I can’t use the internet day one. And before you try to tell me this is my own fault, the entire reason you pay someone to build a high end computer for you is so you never have to worry about things like this. If I needed a WiFi card it should have been made clear that that was an important option to select during build specs. Who wants a computer without WiFi or Bluetooth capability? So I order a TP-link WiFi card off amazon and wait a few days. What happens? The card only includes atx and mini atx mounting brackets. I don’t have a way of making Ethernet work in my situation. So now it’s been 4 days since my computer got here, I’m waiting another few days on a new WiFi card, and I have not been able to game or much more importantly set up a Linux boot and data science environment, and this technical hang up is holding up a group consulting engagement I was supposed to have started this week.

    if I had been especially careful with my research of motherboard or WiFi card this could have been avoided. But I shouldn’t have to be careful when I’m paying someone to worry about these things for me. I was given guff by friends for not building my own computer, but I was willing to pay for convenience. This has not been convenient. I have the technical and research ability to build a computer myself. I don’t have the time. They build a very well made computer, but not a practical one to get me up and running in a timely manner, and that has me very frustrated.