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Combined load thermals and the Eon17-X

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  • Combined load thermals and the Eon17-X

    Is the Eon17-X Capable of sustained combined 100% CPU and GPU loads at temps lower than 80C ? (AKA staying at full turbo/GPU boost speeds) for extended periods of time ? This is the one thing that always bugs me with my previous machines, as I actually do use both at 100% for a couple hours at a time. Just wanna know if this machine can fully take it

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    Nero9937 Thank you for your message.
    After checking with the engineers we were notified that If it's at MAX TDP they will both go over 80. Notebooks are not really designed to run at 100% load on everything 100% of the time.
    Hope this helps, feel free to contact with any other questions or concerns.
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