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Differences between Evo 15s and NT 15? Advice needed on new gaming laptop purchase

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  • Differences between Evo 15s and NT 15? Advice needed on new gaming laptop purchase

    Hey, I was considering ordering a gaming laptop, but I saw there's also a professional model that seems identical. The only difference I've seen, besides the design, is that the professional one has windows 10 pro. Is there anything else? Cooling, throttling, etc?

    With my options, the Evo was 2828, and the NT 2869. I'm comparing these to the Razer Blade 4k, which has a sleeker design, touchscreen, and those great razer keys, but is otherwise somewhat weaker in terms of cooling, storage capacity. Same price pretty much, but I'd get more ram, longer warranty, much more storage, an extra power cable, and all the extra goodies from Origin. And I wouldn't need to install thermal pads.

    Anyone have any advice?

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    RealArby Thank you for your message.
    We see that you also emailed our sales team. We are going to pick this up via emails so we can continue the conversation in case more information is needed.
    To answer the primary question, there is no differences between the Evo 15-S and the NT 15. They are the exact same system, same chassis, and same internals. The only difference would be the name and verbiage used for our Corporate customers since their purchases cannot include the words gaming or anything gaming related.
    We will have a rep reach out now to further assist with the email that was sent.