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Programming API for FlexiKey?

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  • Programming API for FlexiKey?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to hook into FlexiKey via an API? I thought it would be cool to update the backlight color on my EVO 15s to match the color Windows picks from the wallpaper when it changes. I'm a .NET developer by trade, so if there were an API I could wrap (or even a command line I could call), seems like it could be a relatively easy thing to do (write a Windows Service to check the color on an interval and then update the keyboard), but so far I have yet to find anything to that effect.

    Thanks for any wisdom anyone can provide.

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    Right. I'll take that as a "No."


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      I moved this to "The Ask Around" where hopefully it will be spotted by an expert.
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        Thanks, Peter. Appreciate it.