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Just received Chronos, now what?

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  • Just received Chronos, now what?

    Hello! I just received my Chronos computer and after doing a basic set-up am kind of lost. Never owning a PC before really, I am confused by all the talks of drivers and whatnot, honestly. I was hoping there were some people out there who could talk me through what I should do to really get the best out of this computer since right now, it's not really going well; can't connect to wifi, so I've been using a personal hotspot which is its own kind of hell, even though the consoles in the same room pick up the signal and every game I try to run, from things like Town of Salem to Overwatch, just crash and look like nothing but pixels if they even start to run which is really depressing considering everyone assured me the GEForce GTX 1050 Ti would be way better than whatever my ancient macbook had...

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    smiggles Thank you very much for your posts, we truly are sorry to hear about the inconveniences experienced.
    I am unsure if you've already contacted our support team or not but I will forward the 2 posts you had made as well as your contact information so they can have a rep reach out and further assist.
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