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Installing new internal hard drive need help!

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  • Installing new internal hard drive need help!

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the PC world and would like if possible for someone to link to a video or written information in regards to how to install a internal hard drive onto a ORIGIN PC also on cloning my small drive. i looked online and didnt seem to find a computer with similar case. I also looked inside and didnt seem to find any sata cable for me to install the drive. I do not have "hotswap" installed. Thank you in advance guys and i hope to you hear from you guys soon! I have attached a picture with my computers info of what it has inside.

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    caaaaman no info? I know what i asking for is noobie lvl computer knowledge but we all started from some were. How about some info on how to take the Origin case a part to access its contents? schematic/ blue print something ? Thanks


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      Best call or email Support & open a ticket.
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        Your case likely has the hard drive cages installed since you do not have the hot swap bay option. There are black trays inside the computer that you would have to open the side door to get to. Unfortunately, unless you requested that the rest of the cage be prewired there will only be sata cables for the disk you have there installed now. You would have to install the sata cable to the motherboard and run it to the hard drive that you wish to install. There should have been a bundle of cables that are for your power supply as well if you dont have an available sata power connection.

        If you require any help finding these items or just feel comfortable with a support agent on the phone with you please give us a call or email us at
        Daniel Ovalle
        Technical Support Manager