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EON 15-X from 2015 screen update?

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  • EON 15-X from 2015 screen update?

    Salutations! I have an old EON 15-X from 2015 equipped with a CORE I7 4970K and a 980m Graphics card.

    I have tried to lurk a bit before i post, so i apologize in advanced if im posting something people post all the time.

    I am intrested in updating my laptop as much as i can, as its still going strong but it would be nice to upgrade somethings that havent aged well.
    I have looked into graphics update, but it seems according to posts ive seen highest i can go is 980M and thats fair enough! still a decent card.

    however, I am very intrested in updating my screen with a replacement.

    to do this, i need some info though. is there any guides on opening the screen on an EON-15-X from 2015, and also, does a compatibility list exist anywhere? That way i know what to look for out there? Ideally i would love to keep a 1080p resolution but with better viewing angles. non IPS makes me sad in this day and age!

    is that a viable thing here?

    I also live in the UK now so will have to search some place out here ideally that sells laptop screens.

    anyway thanks for reading!
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