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Rumors of notebook Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU - Upgradeability of EON 17 SLX

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  • Rumors of notebook Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU - Upgradeability of EON 17 SLX

    In the last day or two there have been rumors that Nvidia is going to release a notebook version of its desktop GTX 1080 GPU. Is there a possibility of upgrading to this GPU if you have a EON 17 SLX laptop with a GTX 980 notebook version of the desktop GPU?

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    I am wondering the same thing. Guess I will have to figure out the DIY myself. My Eon 17 is only a few months old and already the 980M is outdated. I am thinking of replacing it with the GTX1070. The PCI bus seems compatible between the two cards. Cinebench GPU fps scores are almost double for 1070 Vs 980M. The difference between 1070 and 1080 seems negligible to me. Any thoughts from someone who has tried this?

    this youtube video provides general guidelines.

    I wish Origin tech would see this and put some guidelines too. Thanks


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      The laptops chassis that we use for our systems are generation locked by the manufacturer. If you have a 980m in your system, unfortunately that would be the highest GPU your system will support.The new 1070s and 1080 cards are not compatible with the chipset used for the motherboard. I'm sorry that this isnt the news you were looking to hear in regards to upgrading your system.
      Daniel Ovalle
      Technical Support Manager