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Need Better EON17-X Technical Specs

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  • Need Better EON17-X Technical Specs

    Looking at replacing my old EON17s that is quite literally been physically beat to death over 6 years of hard service. I'm looking at the current EON17-X as a possible replacement, but I can't seem to get details from the sales staff about exactly what and how many internal slots there is for future expansion; the published specs are not detailed enough. I know that Clevo is the OEM for OriginPC's laptops, but I can't figure out which variety the current EON17-X is to find more details. Anyone here know?

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    Good luck getting any response here. They seem to have deserted the forums. I would keep asking support anyway but who knows? Someone may decide to answer your question.
    Toronto, Canada


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      Hello Beaker353,

      Thank you for your post, I truly am sorry to see that you haven't received an answer yet.
      I will DM you now to get some more information so I can further assist.


      Good to still see you around. Not that we have abandoned it, just no one really comes and chats like the old days so were not as active answering questions and talking on the forums anymore.


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        Thanks OriginBryant and I'm glad someone is watching.
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        Toronto, Canada