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~PLEASE~How Do I Clean Inside the Eon 17" SLX Specifically From 2014.

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  • ~PLEASE~How Do I Clean Inside the Eon 17" SLX Specifically From 2014.

    Guys, Please,.... Just point me in a direction of a Video, Blog, or Written Text, How Do I Clean Inside the Specifically (In case there are any variation's of other models) The Eon 17" SLX From 2014. It was Order: #40370.

    I asked for help and posted it in the member's only section on March 07, 2019 and I checked back on March 12,2019 but still no response.

    I have tried looking for this Via Google and I cannot seem to find it or on Clevo's Website.

    I know I will probably have to take the bottom off, I just don't want any surprises (All of which I pointed out in the other help request) I have a static wrist guard,rubber matt and I am more than averagely mechanically inclined.

    My Wife loves her Eon SLX and I am still in awe of my Genesis order number #30- ordered the very first few hours of the very first day Origin opened with Jamie. I suspect had I not called the next day and Upgraded/Changed my order, I would have been close to one of the first few in single digits. Anyway, Please help me. Thank You,

    Sincerely, Bill G.3rd. Semper~Fi

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    Your best bet would be to send an email to with your order number so they can look up your system and see about sending you the right information.


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      O.K. Thank you Origin_Michael, I appreciate the response, and fast too.

      Take care, and Thank~You again. Bill G.3rd.


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        Hey MrSemperFi Havent spoken with you in a while now. Just sent you a pm with some instructions. Feel free to call in if you need help with that.
        Daniel Ovalle
        Technical Support Manager


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          Hello and thank you OriginDaniel, I just read your P.M. and will do that.

          Yes, it has been a while since we spoke and just like then you were very helpful.

          Thank You very much for all your support over the years, it really does just go to show why ORIGIN is so Special and very Unique this way
          Maybe I will take some pictures if it isn't not to embarrassing to show why we are suppose to do this more often to begin with.

          I have a Craftsman Air compressor tank that holds up to 175lbs. P.S.I. that has not been used in more than six months or so.

          I opened the petcock at the bottom the last time I used it (and every time I am done with it) so any condensation that may have built up would be long gone just for this purpose.

          Upon the first fill up it will be all air before any condensation will have a chance to build up and more than enough to do the inside of the SLX before the tank empties.
          Thank again Daniel, Bill 3rd.
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            Sounds good sir, let me know if you need anything else.
            Daniel Ovalle
            Technical Support Manager