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  • Your order timeline

    Greetings. I purchased an outstanding Origin PC (Neuron, i7-8700K, GTX 1080, 16GB ram) and checked the web site almost daily for updates on the build. Here is my log:

    Created order online Sept 01 (Saturday)
    - Estimated shipping 12-15 business days
    Credit card Charged Sept 02 (Sunday)
    USA Holiday (Labor Day) Sept 03 (Monday)
    Welcome to OriginPC email Sept 04 (Tuesday)
    - Estimated shipping date is Sept 18
    Order created Sept 05 (Wednesday)
    Parts selected Sept 06 (Thursday)
    Assembly Sept 13 (Thursday)
    Integration Sept 14 (Friday)
    OriginPC email update Sept 15 (Saturday)
    - Estimated shipping date may slip up to 3 days
    Final engineer review Sept 18 (Tuesday)
    Shipped UPS Ground (FL to NC, USA) Sept 18 (Tuesday)
    Order arrived Sept 20 (Thursday)
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    Terms from the OriginPC web site (

    At ORIGIN PC, there's an incredible amount of work and effort that goes into building and testing your custom PC. Once an order is created, several steps take place before shipping. All these phases work towards making sure your PC is ready out of the box. Learn more about each order status below.

    Order Created - The order has been created and is now preparing for an initial review to determine what components will be needed to build the system.

    Parts Selected - All the components needed to complete the system are in the process of being collected and prepared for the next phase. Extra time might be required to source individual parts, depending on the order. The team double checks the components selected to make sure no parts are damaged or missing.

    Assembly - A trusted and experienced ORIGIN PC builder takes the parts that have been selected and then hand-builds the PC with great care. Just to name a few precautions, the professional builder makes sure the components are seated correctly, a proper amount of thermal paste is placed on the CPU, and carefully handles the internal wiring for thermal optimization and a professional appearance. Once built, the system is inspected for its cleanliness and quality. Some orders may take longer to assemble depending on system complexity.

    Integration - After being hand-built and physically inspected, the system is passed to the integration team for hardware testing and inspections. Critical software and drivers are installed, so it is as close to a clean OS install as possible. Overnight burn-ins are completed to make sure the all the components are prepared for the tasks ahead. The tests and inspections are designed to catch potential issues so that we can correct them before the engineering review.

    Final Engineer Review - At this stage, the system has been built, tested, and inspected. A final review of the PC is completed by an ORIGIN PC engineer who will give the system their seal of approval if the PC meets ORIGIN PC's high standards. If any issues arise during this process, the system is then sent to QA to diagnose and solve the issues.
    Shipped - The engineer-approved ORIGIN PC is carefully packed along with extra ORIGIN PC goodies, and is then shipped to the shipping address. Tracking information will be provided after the system leaves the facility.

    Quality Assurance - If something is wrong with the system at any point during assembly, integration or the final engineer review, the system is sent to QA to determine the issue and solve the problem. If a system is in QA, there might be a delay in shipping. For more information about a system's status, please contact your dedicated sales representative to know more about the system an updated time frame.
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