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Hey guys! New origin customer here awaiting an NS-17 w/ special Black Friday action!

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  • Hey guys! New origin customer here awaiting an NS-17 w/ special Black Friday action!

    My girlfriend and I are splitting a laptop because we are lucky enough to need a powerful laptop capable of rendering 3D maps on the fly for work. I, personally, come from a not-so-well-to-do background and this laptop will be many orders of magnitude more powerful than any PC I've ever used.

    My former rig, built personally by yours truly in 2011:

    Intel i5 quad-core, 2?00K, 3.? ghz (can't remember)

    Nvidia GTX 650 Ti (I think)

    8GB ram at the fastest speed 2011 had to offer

    Asus MB, don't remember which

    What we just bought:
    Laptop Platform: NS-17
    Laptop Exterior: ORIGIN PC Black
    Display Type: QFHD 3840 x 2160 17.3" IPS G-SYNC Matte Display
    Processors: Intel Core i7 9700K 8-Core 3.6GHz (4.9GHz TurboBoost).
    Graphic Cards: Single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB [VR Ready]

    EDIT: It didn't tell me I'd hit the character limit.

    I look forward to experiencing Origin's acclaimed quality and customer service. I haven't heard from "my" sales rep yet, but I expect to by monday. I'm also biting my own ankles out of the purest of anticipations.
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    TitanSaturnsMoon Great to hear you have a new system coming soon
    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, feel free to contact your account manager or contact the sales team directly. You can email us [email protected] and our sales team will be more than happy to assist.