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Fan noise

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  • Fan noise

    I recieved my system a few weeks ago and about a week ago my bottom case fan started making a odd noise, and it seems to be spinning a little off.

    Now before people go and start saying anything. I HAVE A INVERTED SYSTEM AND POWER SUPPLY BLOCKS HALF THE BOTTOM FAN LOCATION.
    Hence i cant even get to it to troubleshoot. Now i have put it on its side and there was no noise what so ever. A tech support guy told me to check to see if the fan was locked in... but nothing happened. maybe a lil more noise now. But i note. When the computer is on its side. NO NOISE. Standing normally... Noise.

    Please help

    *edit* also every once and a while the fan starts making a clicking noise... if i touch the case in the right spot the clicking sound stops but goes back to its noisy self.

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    I had a similar situation in my old computer but at least I did eventually succeed in fixing it with a new fan. It sounds like it's misaligned perhaps...? I trust you've put in a service request?
    Toronto, Canada


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      No I've been waiting to see if I can fix it at home. But if I need to I will do just that


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        Good luck. I know how annoying that sort of thing can be.
        Toronto, Canada


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          Ummm... don't know exactly how to dis-assemble the new cases to get access but it definitely sounds like the fan mounting could be slightly off.

          I will advise calling T-support as they can step-by-step you through the checking.

          FORUM ADMIN


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            Buy a new fan, if you are under warranty you will have to pay for shipping. It's 15.00 us, a new fan best you can get is just over 20.00.