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Windows Latest Update Caused SteelSeries Issue

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  • Windows Latest Update Caused SteelSeries Issue

    I did a normal Windows Update (which seemed larger this time as it restarted numerous times during the update) and when my EVO15-SPro booted back up it said "Cannot connect to SteelSeries Engine" or something to that effect. So I did a little research--not enough apparently--and uninstalled SteelSeries v2 and reinstalled SteelSeries v3. Now I have a better looking splash screen telling me the same bad news. Any ideas?

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    Have you asked them? Here's one post which I believe is relevant:
    Toronto, Canada


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      My apologies! I failed to mention what was affected....My lighted keyboard. Previously, when I launched the SteelSeries Engine (v2), It would allow me to change color settings, keymappings etc. Now, when I launch it (v3), it asks me if I want to connect via USB, Bluetooth etc. It's the laptop keyboard and not an external keyboard so I'm not sure where the issue is. I can only surmise that there may be some sort of pointer in the device manager settings somewhere that was inadvertently overwritten when the windows update was applied....The core functionality of the keyboard and mousepad works for typing/mouse movement, it's just the color profiles/macros/keymappings that are affected...I'm not interested in "trying things" by arbitrarily changing settings to see what works with this laptop as I count on it when I'm on the road....Thanks.


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        No apology necessary. I can only hope another user with similar experience spots this and answers you. Until then all I can suggest is contact Origin Support and/or Steelcase Support as previously mentioned.
        Toronto, Canada


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          Sonnysalazar I would recommend uninstalling v3 and you should be able to install the driver package v2 under an admin login (rightclick the executable and select run as admin on the drop down menu) and have the functionaility return. The executable might need to be run under admin compatibility mode when the package launches when the system starts.If you can pm me your order number so i can look up your build it would help me get some more information to better assist.
          Daniel Ovalle
          Technical Support Manager