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Fan Vibration

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  • Fan Vibration

    I've had my computer for a little less then a year, it was working fine but a couple of weeks to a month or so ago I started to notice a grinding noise. I have 2 dogs with long hair, so I thought it was time to clean it out. It seemed to have worked, but then a day or two later the grinding noise came back.

    I purchased a blower ( because spending money on compressed air just felt like a waste ), and I used it again and it seemed fine. Then after a few minutes it started to go off again. I took off the side case and listened to it while it was on. I then gently pressed the top fan and it stopped. When I removed my finger it didn't do the noise, but started up again.

    I had everything unplugged, unscrewed the fan, cleaned it thoroughly made sure there was no dog fur, and screwed it back in. It's still making the same noise.

    I even turned it on, while it was unscrewed, let it sit for a few minutes while holding the fan and no noise. When I placed it gently onto it's spot, it started to grind again. So I definitely know this is the source.

    The picture is the part.

    Any suggestions before I call and bother Origin Customer Service or get another part?
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    We generally use fans that the blades can be removed for cleaning, its possible that the blade assembly may not be seated fully on the motor, I'd recommend pushing down on the center of the blades and making sure that the assembly is centered properly. if the noise continues, you can contact us for a replacement fan, if you've had it for less than a year your warranty will cover the cost of the fan itself. Just give the support team a call when you have a chance.
    Daniel Ovalle
    Technical Support Manager