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Hotkeys for eon 15s

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  • Hotkeys for eon 15s

    so I recently received my eon 15s the other day when I turned it on everything worked fine until I tried adjusting the brightness I had pressed Fn+f7 and nothing happens I tried adjusting the volume, locking the trackpad, adjusting the keyboard light etc and everything else worked fine except for screen brightness, later I restarted the laptop thinking that would fix the issue but it actually had made it worse because now I can
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    Angelo - for some reason this went into my Moderation queue. I've approved it but you need to edit it I think.....the last line, because now I can..... can what?
    Hopefully someone from OriginPC will spot this later.
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      Angelo01 Thank you very much for your message.
      I went ahead and notified our support team of your message as well as provided them with your contact information. You should be hearing from one of our team members shortly.