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Possible AIO Liquid failing?

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  • Possible AIO Liquid failing?

    I have a system that is about 4 years old exactly currently with a 360 AIO Liquid cooler in it. Since a few months back, my heating has started to get bad on my CPU. I have had temps reaching 100C a few times and a few emergency shut downs due to heating issues. I replaced the thermal paste with a new spread and that seems to be helping, but the heat still seems to be much more then I ever remember it being. Is it possible my AIO cooler has a micro tear or something and has been losing liquid? Or that the pump is out? Any way to test this? My next step would be to buy a new AIO and install that to see if that would help but I am not sure if thats what's going on. Any suggestions would be great.


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    OrexxerO Thank you very much for your message.
    I already sent this post as well as your contact information over to our support team so they can further assist.
    You should be hearing from one of the team members shortly.