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ORIGIN Recovery: ORIGIN Recovery USB3.0 Flash Drive

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  • ORIGIN Recovery: ORIGIN Recovery USB3.0 Flash Drive

    Recently Managed to some how mess up my Windows 10 startup or "Critical process died" I've attempted the standard ways various websites have said are the solution so i wanted to see if anyone knows how to currently use the "ORIGIN Recovery: ORIGIN Recovery USB3.0 Flash Drive" that came with my comp I've attempted to follow

    along with watching the video but when i get to the step of booting the Usb its just takes me to the standard widows installation where all options lead to 0 things found.
    random image from google just to show the error :

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    I've Also attempted to follow

    when i reach the "Where do you want to install Windows?"

    I get:

    Drive 0 partition 1: Recovery Size: 499 MB Recovery Type: Recovery
    Drive 0 partition 2 Size: 99 MB Type: System
    Drive 0 partition 3 Size: 16 MB Type: MSR (Reserved)
    Drive 0 partition 4 Size: 1907.1 GB Type: Primary

    Before i mess with any of those i want to see which one is the Windows 10 install

    My system has Both a
    • Intel Optane Memory Drive (Operating System Drive): 32GB Intel Optane Memory M.2
    • Operating System Drive #1 (Primary): 2TB Samsung 860 Pro Series


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      KRB Tyrant Thank you for your message.
      We truly are sorry to hear about the inconvenience experienced. Both of these messages along with the screenshot have been forwarded to our support team so they can have a rep reach out and further assist.
      If immediate assistance is needed, please feel free to call in and speak to our support team or email