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Origin EON 17-SLX Keyboard

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  • Origin EON 17-SLX Keyboard

    I know I've touched on an issue in the past about the keyboard not immediately working after boot, but I think i have a bead on how to fix that, which may be in the way the laptop starts up without the usage of a Microsoft sign-in, but anyways, this post is not about that, but rather the functionality of the backlighting.

    There was a time, I believe with the 15" EON 15, that a user had the ability to select a whole slew of different color variations, via Flexikey, including the color white (which is a favorite of mine, since it's clean and bright). Yesterday, I looked into the Flexikey utility, to change up the coloring on my EON 17-SLX, and I realized that with the version of Flexikey I have, I don't have the ability to choose every color within the full color spectrum, and with that, there is not an option to choose white. Now, if i switch to the 256 color scheme, which has white as a choice, the utility shows that I chose it, but the color on my keyboard is a light orange. Taking it a step further, if I want to turn off the logo lighting on the top cover of the laptop, you have to choose the color black, to turn it off, rather than having an option to just turn off the lighting, without having to specify color.

    A little more investigating, I tried to manually set the rgb values that show up in the lower right of the color selection utility and I noticed that if I change the color to a magenta, I get a red keyboard. In fact, any combination of values, will change the color in the utility, which are accurate to what it should be, but the keyboard "picks and chooses" whatever it thinks it should display.

    Right now, what is more important, is the ability to choose a color I want and have it show up accurately on the physical keyboard. It is as if the keyboard itself, does not have the ability to change color based on what is shown in the utility, but I scratch my head over why the color white isn't an option that works either.

    As for troubleshooting the Flexikey software, I had the original utility installed from the DVD that came with my laptop, and yesterday, I dug deep into Origin's drivers and utilities page to grab whatever the latest version of Flexikey was and reinstalled, which did not make any difference. If anyone knows how this can be fixed, please feel free to advise.