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How Do I Clean Inside Eon 17" SLX From 2014 Order#40370

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  • How Do I Clean Inside Eon 17" SLX From 2014 Order#40370

    Hello to all New and Old,

    Wow! lots of new faces, I suppose that's a good thing

    Can someone point me in the direction of either a Video,Text,or both of how to safely and carefully remove (what I will believe is probably the bottom) of my wife's mentioned above Laptop.

    For all the tinkering I have done to my own Genesis (order#30) over the years I have never actually opened the case (bottom half) of ANY laptop.

    I have a rubber matted floor work area as well as a anti static wristband bracelet with grounding and a Craftsman air compressor that will NOT be allowed put out any misty water vapor.

    What I really wanted to avoid are any surprises like some pressure spring or any number of plastic pieces or rubber spacers that in the past I have had fly out of some other gizmo's I had thought in my infinite wisdom should have been straight forward and laughable to consider asking someone else about first before proceeding only to be surprised when I couldn't remember which order everything went back together after the first two or so of about eight different things went flying around the room and some other parts fell to the floor in less than a split second....LOL!
    So.....any advice or suggestions? pretty please.

    I actually think taking almost anything apart is great and learning from our mistakes (if we make any) is even better, but, this is a way to expensive piece of electronics for a first trial and possible error.

    My Wife loves her Eon SLX and I am still in awe of my Genesis after all these years. I shall check back here soon in hope of a response so I can have at it.

    Thank You.......... and Semper~Fi

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    No Joy Ha?
    I guess I should Google Clevo and hope for the best?