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Temperature problems on EON17-X

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  • Temperature problems on EON17-X

    I purchased an EON-17X in 2015 sporting a Core i7 4790K Quad-Core 4.0GHz and a GTX 980M.

    The system runs fine on HD screens and on WUXGA screens

    I recently purchased a 2k screen running at 144Hz, and of course this puts strain on the system, so much that the cooling system doesn't cope, both CPU and GPU take some time off now and then when temps peak above 82

    I activated Vsync, limited the game to 60 FPS, and set the monitor refresh rate to 60Hz. I also put the laptop on a cooling pad at opened the lid to allow heat to escape.
    The GPU seems to be able to cope, but the problem are the temps, it runs fine for 2-3 minutes before dropping frames.
    CPU runs at 82
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    The system seems like its still running within temperature parameters, but you may want to reapply some thermal paste to the CPU.
    You can give our support team a call to have them walk you through this is you are unfamiliar with working on your system.
    Daniel Ovalle
    Technical Support Manager
    [email protected]