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Origin Desktop Won't Power On

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  • Origin Desktop Won't Power On


    I have an Origin PC Neuron desktop PC and just today it has stopper powering on, when I press the power button the light just comes on for a second and then switches off again. This has happened twice before and I fixed it by switching the power supply switch to off and then let it sit for a few hours and switching it back on and then it started working again but this time that has not worked. I was in touch with Origin PC tech support and then were not very helpful they just suggested I do what I already did and also that I take the RAM out and then re-seat it which I have not tried yet because I doubt it will work. Any ideas as to what is going on?

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    Could you send me your order information in a direct PM so I can look into who you spoke with and why you were told to only do that? Please give us a chance to work on this again with you and see if we can resolve the situation for you.
    Daniel Ovalle
    Technical Support Manager
    [email protected]