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EON17-X wont Boot

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  • EON17-X wont Boot

    I had recently gotten an EON17-X from my work because they had no more purpose for it. I went home and was able to use the laptop for around 3 months, then i started to have problems where the computer would shut off randomly. At first i though it was over heating so i started to put it on a cooling pad.That temporary fixed the problem until one day while I was playing a game the laptop shut off permanently. I let it sit and cool down for a while and tried to boot it with no success. My last idea was to take it apart to see if there was any burn marks to see what i could salvage from it, but to my surprise i didn't see any burn marks at all. Whenever I try to boot it the power button just blinks green and a little static noise happens. I just don't know. If anyone has experienced this and, or have a fix please get back to me. Thanks in advance
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