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Genesis Review 7/15

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  • Genesis Review 7/15

    So, I received my PC this past Tuesday and have waited to write my review to see if my disappointment and anger would subside but it hasn't a whole lot. First I'll post my specs:

    Standard Orientation
    White External/Black Internal
    1.3kW SuperNOVA G2
    White Sleeved Cables
    ASUS Rampage V 10th ed.
    Stage 3 Cryogenic Liquid cooling(topping of coolant every few months doesn't bother me at all if it nets colder temps and better[higher] overclocking ability)
    White tubing with Blue coolant, hoping maybe with proper lighting the blue on white will make it look aqua in color.
    i7 6950X 10-core processor with overclock by Origin
    Dual GTX 1080's in SLI with liquid cooling, got with Origin and they are going to use the new EVGA HB SLI bridge since Nvidia's standard HB bridge wouldn't fit with cooler.
    Graphics overclocked as well
    64GB (4 x 16GB) 3000MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum
    Operating system in on 512GB Samsung 950 Pro PCIe m.2
    Hot swap bays 1-4 are in RAID 10:
    500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
    500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
    500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
    500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
    Hot swap bay 5 is my storage drive
    4TB WD Caviar Black
    40 in 1 media reader
    NO CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives(digital is way to go)
    3 year warranty

    ASUS 28" 4k Monitor
    Logitech Z906 Surround speaker system

    It started badly to begin with which should have been a sign. I was contacted by my sales rep after my order went through. He stated he would "tag [you] in a picture of your system". Throughout my 2 week wait for my PC I asked 5 times for A picture and he kept telling me he'll get with the "pictures dept."; I NEVER received a singly picture of my PC AND I received my pc before he even told me it shipped(I received my tracking number 2 hours after my pc arrived at my house). Now, having my PC arrive without knowing was an amazing feeling. Also, I still never received a single picture.

    I want to start out by saying that all the shipping damages that people say they have been getting did NOT happen with me; and I also ordered a monitor and speakers and they were fine as well. The crate was intact, looked freshly assembled, no empty screw holes or scratches. They are not lying when they say it is heavy, with the wooden crate it was in excess of 100 pounds. The Genesis itself weighs about 40-50 would be my guess.

    After unboxing and setting everything up and going through everything is when the problems started. I first noticed that the 5.25 audio bay that comes with the motherboard was just sitting in the box with the extra cables. I wasn't asked if I wanted it installed or not, they just placed it in the box without any notice.

    Next, I noticed that they didn't even send the extra EK coolant that was suppose to come with it.

    The worst thing by far though was the fact that I ordered dual GTX 1080's in SLI. Now, I am fully aware that with the cryogenic cooling, Nvidia's HB bridge would not fit. As it stated on their website and I confirmed via support ticket; they would use the EVGA HB bridge to connect the 2 cards. What happened when it arrived. Not a thing connecting them, not even an old flex cable, not even the cable that usually comes with motherboards. They installed 2 graphics cards and even when they "stressed" it, the 2nd one wasn't doing anything and I guess they thought, "meh, he paid for it already" we'll just ship it. I called tech support, furious at the fact they are PC "enthusiasts" and didn't think this would be a problem. Apparently, they were out of stock of the EVGA bridge and didn't want to delay the system by keeping it there. I got no notice from my sales person or anything. I even emailed my sales rep to make sure that the bridge would be installed before it left and he assured me it would be. So, basically I'm on a "wait list" and they will ship me one as soon as it arrives. So, I'm stuck with 2 cards and only one functions. After speaking with tech support, I asked them to send me one of the old sli bridge that they have since no one knows how long I'll have to wait for the EVGA bridge, so they said ok

    The PC runs fine except that since I bought a 4k monitor, it's kind of hard to play at 4k with max settings, which was the whole point of me getting the monitor and dual cards.

    Would I recommend Origin to anyone - No, can't see how PC enthusiasts would assume it was ok to ship two cards but only allow access to one, EVEN THROUGH STRESS TESTING!

  • #2 add further frustration to an already botched build. The standard sli bridges they use, not the HB ones, are currently on backorder. For the love of God, do not buy Origin. Read these reviews all over the forums and count how many times they have failed they customers.


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      Just to balance out your review. On balance, their may be a few more unfavourable reviews here than favourable; reason being that most of the time people don't post here once the system arrives and it works. We may get a note later or a review later but generally, not much.On any forum, complaints and rants and bad reviews, notes posts etc predominate because people will complain more than they compliment. No disrespect intended to anyone with that statement. As a Customer Service and Tech Support rep for many years, that is my experience and that of the industry.

      However, people who post their problems here do it because it draws attention, from myself, other mods, and Origin techs who are here as well. We try, to get whatever bothers people or irks them, we try to get it sorted and fixed. And I think we do a very good job of it as we've proved in the past.

      So keep on posting about your experience and feel free to pop me a PM...we'll help if we can.




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        So, even though I still have no definite resolution of my previous problems, they have been "escalated" and the bridges are still out of stock, I will post some positives I have noticed thus far about my system. The EK reservoir is in the 2nd drive bay which means I can unscrew the 2 screws to the top bay plates and with proper tools I can easily fill the reservoir from the front of my PC with no hassle at all which is something I see myself coming to be thankful for over the next few years. The wire management is top notch even with liquid cooling for GPU's and CPU. I personally don't think my PC is that loud, though I have been in old server rooms for a while. Another downside that I did notice is that the 2 side panels are very flimsy plastic...or so they feel like. The case itself does seem very sturdy and well made, and the "grips" on the bottom for you to lift the PC are very handy.


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          So, as RedPhyve states I will continue to post here. Still no sli bridge for my cards, not even they old bridges. I've had no contact from these people unless I initiate it. Still let down by people who say they are from the Alienware team, the team I bought from would NEVER stand for this.


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            Alright, so...guess what....more let downs. I finally got my EVGA HB SLI card in the mail yesterday. Nice surprise since no on informed me it was coming, but I will say I was truly excited to just have it magically show up. Go to install the doesn't fit!!!!! As seen in the picture below, the graphics cards are about 1mm too close to each other. What's that you say, just move the cards myself...why of course, except in picture number 2 you will see the the main screws holding the cards in place have been over tightened and have bent the metal of the card's bracket. Along with the the screws appear to be made of a soft metal and it seemed that I can't undo them with stripping them...for BOTH cards screws. Since I am sending the PC back to have them correct their already botched build, what I found out a few days ago was that the right top 2 USB ports...don't work AND the middle hot swap bay doesn't work either!!! So, going to send PC back for them to fix.

            We'll see how this goes, but I probably won't see my PC for weeks seeing has how bad things have gone so far. I'll continue to post here.

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              To further nail down the fact about horrible customer service and Origin dropping the ball on everything...their 24/7 support is BS. Called around 9am EST for tech support.....rep says he'll take my name and number and have a tech support rep call me.....the experience with this company so far has been mind-boggling. It's almost to the point that nothing surprises me from these people anymore.


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                Hello mphartenstein, I apologize that no one was able to take your call this morning when you called in. Our agents were already assisting other customers on the phone, I have verified that you will be contacted soon by one of our senior support agents to see about getting your issue squared away. Customer feedback is very important to ORIGIN PC be it good or bad. I will be looking further into your case and I will be in touch.
                Daniel Ovalle
                Technical Support Manager



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                  Wanted to post a follow-up. Just finished with Sean in tech...amazing, helpful, and patient tech. Was able to walk me through how to get around the screws and was courteous the whole conversation. Finally have an EVGA HB SLI bridge.....that works and couldn't be happier. Overall I still am let down, but as most people have posted here....Origin does try to make things right.


                  I'll still keep posting and updating as things go.


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                    Glad you are OK now.
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                    Toronto, Canada


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                      So, as I stated, I will continue to post here as I continue my experience with OriginPC.

                      As of 1/4/2017, my PC, BSOD. Machine Check Exception. Cool, one of my SSD'd crashed and burned....6 months after I purchased my PC. Called Origin on 1/2 around like 10:30pm EST, got their call center and they took my information and would forward my call back to the tech on call. While this is happening, because the PC is in a constant BSOD restart cycle after the 2nd restart I see the BSOD error shows "WHEA Uncorrectable Error". Get a call around 11:30pm, explain my situation, asked me to unplug my SSD's to see if that was the problem. I can't reach my SSD's d/t the water cooling pipes and Hot-swap bay drives. He told me he would like to schedule a call to have me speak with an engineer. I say cool, and we set a time for Wednesday at 11pm. On Tuesday I find out my wife's flight has changed so I call Origin support and let them know we need to reschedule. I got a new tech person this time, and apparently the first person I spoke with never placed a ticket, or even "setup" the call for Wednesday. I repeated the whole situation again. New tech guy was pleasant and apologized for the inconvenience. So, he gave me so things to try like MemTest from a bootable USB and attempting to reinstall/recover windows using the Origin Recovery USB. I told him I would call him back later with the results since the memtest would take a few hours. I went ahead and decided to try the recover route first, since I thought that one of my SSD's failed, since my RAM was showing good through the BIOS. As soon as I click Recover Windows I get a "I/O input error on Hard Disk Drive 1". Yep, SSD failure. To make sure I hit ignore and get to the option to select which disk I want to recover and I can see that the PCI-e drive that my OS is on is fine. It's one of the SSD's in the RAID, even better, it's a RAID 1+0 setup with 4 identical SSD's. I call the tech guy back about 30 minutes or so later and explain to him what error I got. He says no problem he'll send me an SSD to swap out. I tell him that not only can I not reach the SSD's, I would rather send it back to Origin for them to fix because there are other problems that I wanted them to address and correct as well. Here is a list of problems that I have sent my PC back to Origin to fix:

                      Swap out the broken SSD and install a new one along with copying the data from the other SSD in the RAID to the new one.

                      Two of the 4 USB ports at the top of my PC have never worked since the day I got my PC. I reseated the cable on the motherboard numerous times to no avail, but I am unable to reach the actual USB board due to the case frame being in the way, this wasn't a big deal to me since there is an ungodly amount of ports that I can easily access on the back.

                      I noticed that when 2 of my radiator fans get above 500 RPM, you can hear the ball bearings actually clinking together. Not that big of a deal either, since even when gaming and fans on silent, the temp's never get above 42C, the cooling done my EK and the Stage 3 cooling setup done my Origin are amazing. People say the Genesis is a loud machine, and it maybe if it's air cooled or maybe just the CPU/GPU is watercooled; but with the Stage 3 cooling setup and both the CPU/GPU cooled and 2 pumps, the highest I've seen the temps are 46-47C and you can run the fans in silent mode around 300RPM's and it's quiet and still cool.

                      When I updated my BIOS I lost all the preset Origin OC settings. This maybe my fault for not saving my OC settings, I'm not sure, since I've never personally overclocked anything and not sure saving the settings are even a possibility.

                      I noticed back in Sept. there was some "green" stuff in the corner of one of my cooling reservoirs, it never moved and I'm not even sure if it's slime or foam, or what. But, since my PC is going back any way I asked them to have a look at it and correct it.

                      Finally, ever since I received my PC I noticed 2 of the 5 hot swap bays do not work. Not that big of a deal to me since I only use 2 bays anyway, but like the green thing in the reservoir above, since I'm sending it back I might as well have them fix this issue as well.

                      My PC ships out tomorrow and I was told that the process usually takes anywhere between 5-10 business days, I don't think that includes ship time. So, when I get my baby back I'll post again, or if any news happens while my PC is being repaired. Overall, since my last post about the HB bridge, I've been thoroughly happy with my PC, even with the flaws listed above. Also, like I stated in my previous posts, everyone I have spoken with has been pleasant and understanding.

                      And yes, I saved every piece of packing except that foam piece inside the case itself and am shipping it back in the crate and cover and all the Styrofoam.

                      Crossing my fingers all my issues get resolved when my PC returns.


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                        Good luck and glad you have room to store the original packing as I don't !!
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                          It's already started off bad....UPS never picked up my I am the one who has to deal with this BS runaround of rescheduling my package to be picked up. I know this isn't Origin's fault per I still feel that UPS is making them look like fools and it is hurting Origin; I scheduled a pick up time that is convenient for me, now that's gone out the window and I'm fuming because I have to correct this mistake. Ups and downs is all this is ever since I purchased my PC.


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                            That's too bad. UPS is usually pretty good I've found.
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                              So, I've always had bad times with UPS, why I prefer FedEx, but I spoke with I guess the local manager, Elle, and she was awesome. I live in Atlanta so I guess being in a big city helped. From the time I hung up until the driver arrived was about 30 minutes. I explained to Elle my frustration about why I schedule pick-ups between certain times and hate lateness. She said she can see a delivery driver about 3 blocks away from my address and that she was going to text him to do a pick-up for me as his next stop. He came, grabbed it, signed the paperwork and was gone in about 5 minutes. Yet another horrible experience turned good, but why does it go horrible in the first place is what I keep thinking to myself?
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