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Just want to say that if you have posted in the tech-support forum or are just generally looking for help or an assist with something, and you think that nobody has seen your post, please feel free to PM me or any of the other Moderators and Administrators, we'll reply as soon as we can.

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    LOL, I know the feeling from past experiences with various services.
    Toronto, Canada


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      So, I'm back. Still no computer. I was told, after seeking out information myself by asking in the support ticket, twice; that the PCI-e lanes were damaged in route back to Origin for the repair work, so they have had to replace the mob entirely. No problem, at least I got some information...after pulling teeth and asking for an update since it was a few business days they've had the PC. I asked for an update again earlier this week about a rough estimate to shipping, since it have been 12 business days(16 if you count weekends), was told I would have an update Thursday. Not a peep. I just reposted on the ticket a few minutes ago before coming here asking again, "how about that update". I am still curious to see if they address every issue; I highly doubt they will, and when I do get my PC back I keep wondering what will be missed. Or, like the HB SLi bridge that randomly showed up, maybe my PC will just show up Saturday without any communication from Origin.

      Origin you REALLY need to start communicating better; seriously, look at the forums your number one issue is with communication. You guys are super awesome and helpful when we do talk to you and I love my PC for it's performance, but if you say I will get an update tomorrow, I expect an update tomorrow. At the very least, set realistic communication expectations, like I will let you know in 2-4 days about that status. Or heck, a 2 sentence email is more than enough, at least for me.


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        Apologies for the delayed response, but the main office is closed over the weekend and the repair lab closes at 4pm daily Monday through Friday. The system is having the motherboard installed and due to the cryogenic loop in the system, the repair tech is taking his time so as not to damage any of the components for the loop. Cryogenic repairs can be a little more time consuming than a normal closed liquid loop repair due to the nature of the custom tubing. Once the testing is complete this ticket will be updated to let you know of the completion.
        Daniel Ovalle
        Technical Support Manager


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          Another update, it is 2/11 and still no PC, after the motherboard issue, there was a CPU issue that had to be resolved. They just asked for Windows PW Thursday afternoon. 2/12 will be exactly 30 days they have had my PC.