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A Raptor that comes back. Alienware 15 Laptop Overview

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  • A Raptor that comes back. Alienware 15 Laptop Overview

    So i haven't made a review on this rather empty area for awhile, and seems alot of people stopped posting on the Alienware forum zone for awhile.

    So what's my review about? Well i'll start off simple to why i got this first before going over my overview of my new system.
    ================================================== ========================================
    I been using a basic pickmeup bestbuy HP since 2012, after i had to toss my Alienware M14x, Because it wasn't working out, can't fix the prob with the system, ended up trashing it. Only to later after years figure out 'Why' it caused it to bluescreen of death all the time, and reason my older system (Acer netbook.) did same thing, Which is still commonly found in ALL Intel Display settings. If you click on 'CUSTOM Resolutions' It'll give you a pop-up warning saying that it could cause instability to the system,etc. But i didn't think much of it at the time, i had to do this option for my Netbook, and thought it'd work prefectly fine on my Alienware M14x, because it worked with my netbook. Didn't know till later in the future the whole BSOD was because of this little 'feature' in Intel's display settings. (Reason i did this 'Custom Res' setting, is cause it wouldn't allow my display to run at 1440/900 like it could. So this allowed me to 'Force' it to work, and it did. but yea.). So costing me a nice Netbook from Acer, and a Alienware M14x. I moved to a Standard HP desktop for the while. Then i got rid of my Desktop for a cheap Acer E5 laptop with the new 7th gen Icore I-3 7200U. Had good specs, 4GB DDR4 2400mhz, 500gb 5400rpm HDD, full HD display, etc. for 400$. Everything seemed Purely great, So i tossed another 200$ for a 16GB of ram (2x 8GB's dual.), and a nice SSD 256GB drive. To only later find out the I-3 7200U didn't have any Video memory of it's own, (aka Shared graphics memory.) and it was apparently poorer then my old HP Desktop that i already tossed So i was pretty screwed in dealing with that for awhile.

    Then my idea came again of getting a gaming system. Now here's why i chose a 'LAPTOP' vs a 'DESKTOP' like many would so to go. 1. Laptops require LESS power, 2. Their portable, even if thick. 3. They have everything in 1 form. 4. They have BACK UP POWER so you can still run games,etc for hours while power is out in your home. 5. Portable Power, Solar Generator systems. Laptops can run on portable Solar power easily, and recharge on pretty small battery bank systems, Or run off them with no prob.

    Course tho this made me run around for options on What kind of laptop i should get. There were many brands that were nice. Acer had some Really good looking specs and cheap rigs with the good graphics systems of today. MSI has more thicker systems and some pretty intense cooling systems for their thicker laptops. I never looked at HP Omen, Asus ROG are jokes. Razar is a Joke, And i wanted something that'd be Future proof in graphics wise, for when (and i know soon.) that Nvidia will release their 'NEW' 1100series GTX graphics cards. So that means i needed with a External GPU upgrade option. Razar's Core is a over priced hunk of metal junk. and the new ASUS/MSI/HP Minics are jokes Razar's 'CORE'.

    So that left me with only one option. Alienware with their TRUE External GPU Option across the board. from their 3 laptop selections, to their Alpha R2, their X51 R3 options. The Alienware line up with prefect. The 17 seemed to big, and the 13 seemed to small, and i thought (didn't notice it till later.) the 13 was gonna be like my M14x which only had 1 fan (tho it does have double.). But i went with the 15 for mid size, even tho 1080p on a 15inch screen is death (I would NEVER go 4k on a 13inch, 15inch. Maybe 17inch, but that's risky. And if you wonder why? Is because if you want the FULL TRUE 4k experience. You gotta turn off the crap 150% zoom and put it to 100%, Or else you might as well just use 1080p. But then if you do go 100% on a 15inch for a 4k. you'll kill your eyes at how small TEXT will be.) It's still better then a 4k on a 15inch by far. And it's balanced from being portable to enough cooling/power ability.
    ================================================== ================================================== =========
    So onto my Overview of my new Alienware 15.

    I wasn't impressed by the way it was shipped, but after seeing how case-like fitting the laptop is in, being covered from head to toe all around and top/bottom in nice thick-but-soft foam. It came in pretty good shape. Even tho it had quite a fun party from China, to AK, then KY before hitting my state. Came pretty good.

    After placing it on my desk, booting it up, shutting down most of the App software from sending crap for this and that. Everything was pretty good. The black screen tho, with death defining whites on the IPS screen are wow. So i got it alittle more less 'dark' and that fixed it, turning down the amazing brightness to 40%, hits a good spot. Then got myself a old Alienware TactX keyboard from the famous M14x days, along with their new AW55 gaming mouse. Works good, besides the Num-button pops up a stupid 'This Dell Thunderbolt isn't supported with this system.' (Which is from the keyboard. idk why but yea.). Then i got myself a 3in1 mini display, hooked up a VGA to it for my middle screen, then later switched it to DVI and got my old 2007 philips HDTV (720p) screen hooked via the HDMI port, made a slight adjustment on the screen to fit it correctly. Then got myself a 4port USB hub, and laptop cooling fan with a laptop exhaust fan. Mashed everything up. and it's what you see in the picture. Triple screen goodness, Along with my old Acer laptop being smushed by my Philips HDTV (Screen broke before i did this. but laptop still works, so i hooked it up to HDMI port 2. and i can now play 2 systems at once.).

    My new rig features the newest I7 7700HQ processor, 16GB ram at 2400mhz, 1060 GTX graphics with 6GB GDDR5 ram, 1080p IPS 60hz display, 128 sata m2 drive.

    And the great thing about this and not having the 'famous G-sync' is this supports DUAL graphics (Intel CPU-GPU, and Nvidia GPU.) So i can pick to run a game on Intel's GPU, while having another game run on the Nvidia GPU. Just like my old M14x could. So it was a prefect upgrade for me.

    So my thoughts on how the systems been for awhile.

    Pretty good apparently. Downloaded some old famous games, And plan to get some good games to, like the Elite dangerous game. System runs swift, sites load instantly depending on websites. and runs any game i like at max, even if i'm throwing like 5games on it just from the GPU itself, or 2games from the CPU-GPU.

    Now course there is few things that got my nerves, and this also has a effect, idk if it's the new 7th gen core systems or not. But my Acer done it to, my mom new 7th gen i5 does it. and depending on such, sometimes it does it on my new rig. But the sound sometimes crackles/stutters, like if i'm watching a video and doing hard surfing. Like the processing of loading the page and audio can't handle the same steps at same time. But maybe it's just crappy sound drivers needing reinstall, i don't know. And the FX system has a weird 'refreshing' system when unplugging or plugging something into the laptop, ether by Hub or just the laptop itself VIA USB ports. Or by linking a Bluetooth device to the laptop.

    but other then those small minor little finkics. Unlike my Acer Netbook and M14x that had BSOD because of Intel's crappy feature in display options. The laptop is running prefect, since i didn't enable that beans now that i know that death trap. Ugh...... I really wanna deck Intel for that bull......

    But in all it's working good. And thankfully with the Graphics Amp port. It's future proof for the new GTX 1100series to be waiting for on my laptop and turning it into a super house. And easily switch able system. Just can't wait for Alienware to pull some new tech out.

    ================================================== ================================================== =========
    And yes i'm aware alot of people would tell me, Alienware now adays is dell and their pretty meh. But i think everyone has it wrong apparently. Being now that Alienware has their own form. They can grow, with Dell's building department. They aren't relying on buying barebone laptops from Clevo like another company is 'STILL' doing, and reselling them after putting the rest of the parts in them. (hint hint OriginPC.). So this allows them flexibly to create their own UNIQUE systems and make addons to create a better aspect to expand their edge on gaming laptops. Heck, They might even take the step and create something that everyone's been dieing for in a laptop to desktop system... Not just a GPU external, but something that could future proof a laptop beyond the years.

    And if people say "Well Originpc has better support.". Support is like the bottom end of anyone's list of bothersome to look at. If the product comes to work beyond the time. That is the point. Support is the LAST thing on anyone's mind to bother work. So who cares if the support is 'AMAZING'. I been a Hobbygrade RC goob, and did tons of research on buying brushless motors. Even tho MAMBAMAX company had the best of world class support. Their products weren't the most reliable. I rather have a RELIABLE product with not so meh support, then have a unreliable product that'll be screwed in so time, then have to waste time and beans to send it out. It's like buying a car, You have to use that day on day, and when you can't. What you gonna do? I rather have a old junky car that's been working swell since the 90's, That's metal and can beat anything in it's path. Then a crappy plastic junker that has abunch of useless sensors for useless bullcrap things, that'll drop dead after a sensor fails, And it's not even the part that goes bad. it's the stupid sensor. get what i mean? So if the Item works and holds up. That is the point.

    ================================================== ================================================== ============

    So that's the end of my overview and chabber for now. It's interesting this place is still kicking around, Would've thought OriginPC would've ripped it off, for some beans like Twitter or Facebook spam.

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    Thanks for the review. It's been a while since anyone posted., at all !!
    Toronto, Canada
    Windows 10 Professional x64
    Still using the last genuine
    Alienware ALX x58 R2 !